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hackathon, noun
an event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming

Data & AI Hackathon
an event for students from different IT-related educational programmes, aimed to expand students' knowledge in the field of data and AI by undertaking Microsoft Azure Cloud Skill Challenges and applying gained knowledge by solving real client cases in a collaborative team setting

The Challenge 

Online media reputation is more important than ever. Therefore, most companies are interested in  uncovering the general perception of them in the digital space. This is why Data & AI Hackathon will be focusing on this topic, starting with a case that concerns how one can use  Big data to help a company gain insights about how their brand is viewed across different online forums. For  instance, this includes how people refer to the brand on social media or review their products – is it positive  or negative? While it can be quite difficult and time consuming to get this type of information from the  physical world, there are myriads of opportunities in the digital sphere when using Big Data. Therefore, the  participants must find creative and innovative solutions to illustrate how one can approach this challenge. 

There are many ways to solve this problem. For instance, the participants are free to make use of different  methods and tools such as web-scraping, cognitive services, python library, power bi or an app. We are not  expecting a finished product but rather a presentation of a MVP-solution. This could be in the shape of a  prototype or at least mockup.  



Friday, 17.9.2021. Opening ceremony at Zealand, Roskilde (building D, canteen area)
14:00 Introduction
14:05 Peter Schwalbe, Zealand
14:15 Goran Vuksic, Stratiteq - mentoring, functionalities, logistics
14:45 Sherry List, Microsoft - presenting judges and judging criteria
15:00 Emilie Lundblad, GroupM - presenting the case and GroupM mentors
15:15 Official start of the Hackathon

Saturday, 18.9.2021. GroupM, Holmbladsgade 133, Copenhagen (and online)

9:00-9:30 Introduction by Emilie Lundblad and the Hackathon team
9:30-11:30 Work on the case
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-16:00 Work on the case

lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided
mentors available on location and Discord

Sunday, 19.9.2021. GroupM, Holmbladsgade 133, Copenhagen (and online)

9:00-11:30 Work on the case
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30- 16:00 Work on the case

lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided
mentors available on location and Discord

Monday, 20.9.2021. Hand-in on Devpost before 11:00AM

Tuesday, 21.9.2021. Announcement ceremony at GroupM
16:30 Presenting top 6 projects
17:30 Announcing the Winners of Data & AI Hackathon




Your submission should include:

  • problem research, as video presentation (max length: 5 mins)
  • interactive mockup (made with Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Figma, Sketch or similar)
  • functional prototype with at least one working feature (link to public GitHub repository with project code)
  • detailed description of how to use different services and technologies for further development of your solution.

Only submissions on Devpost, made by registered team of 2-4 members will be considered valid.

Hackathon Sponsors


Student jobs

The winning team members will be invited for an interview with GroupM. Based on their skills and interests, the best placement within the company will be determined and they will be offered paid student jobs.


The runner-up team members will get an opportunity to be interviewed for Stratiteq's Bootcamp Program - a great opportunity to get a brilliant start to your career as a developer.


The runner-up team members will be invited for an interview and offered Labs Innovation research internship during which they can further develop their professional skills.

Goodie bags from GroupM (3)

Top three teams will receive goodie bags from GroupM and their clients.

Goodie bags from Zealand (6)

The team members that created top 6 best projects will receive goodie bags from Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Per Jensen

Per Jensen
Head of Study - Zealand

Sherry List

Sherry List
Azure Developer Engagement Lead - Microsoft

Emilie Lundblad

Emilie Lundblad
Head of BI Solutions - Business Science / GroupM

Goran Vuksic

Goran Vuksic
Technical Manager - Stratiteq

Jakob Kofoed

Jakob Kofoed
CEO Nordics - Business Science

Per Jensen

Per Jensen
Head of Modelling - Business Science

Judging Criteria

  • The Problem and Solution
    What is the problem tackled, how is it being solved now, and how is the team solving it?
  • Feasibility
    How good is the solution, is it doable/realistic, does it solve the problem?
  • Impact
    What is the value of the solutions for the company?
  • Implementation
    How the tools used for the solution create a new way of gathering and modelling data?
  • Innovation
    Is the solution innovative and creative, is it using the latest technologies?

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